Best Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Programs Across the Globe

Are you a turtle lover or for that matter, an animal lover?

Because what we are going to tell you is a bit disheartening.

There are a number of sea turtle species that are going extinct (six out of the seven, to be precise). Due to poaching, illegal trade, pollution, fishing, and other factors, sea turtles are facing the possibility of extinction.
So how can you contribute? 
Volunteering with sea turtles abroad is a major step towards their conservation and also an enriching experience for the volunteers. Not only will you gain knowledge to share with your community and make a positive difference, but you’ll also have an adventure that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Here are the top sea turtle conservation programs around the world where you can volunteer in. Take a look:

1. Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteering in Sri Lanka with Volunteering Solutions

Sea Turtles Volunteering with Voluntering Solutions in Sri Lanka

It’s time to contribute meaningfully towards the wellbeing of the Sea Turtles living in the south-western coasts of Sri Lanka. In the recent times in the past, poaching of turtle eggs and excessive commercial fishing by humans as well as predators have resulted in their numbers reducing significantly and thus, these turtles are considered to be endangered species. 

The main aim of this project is to protect the baby turtles as well as the turtle eggs and subsequently increase their population. This includes preserving the eggs from poachers and predators, providing a safe environment for hatchings to occur, feeding the babies daily, caring the sick and injured turtles, and releasing the healthy ones into the ocean when ready.

Volunteers will support the hatcheries through conservation efforts which will surely be valuable for their sustainability, and it also goes a long way in helping them financially. You'll also get to teach the locals about nature conservation and how to keep the environment healthy.

2. Mediterranean Sea Turtle Conservation in Greece with GoEco

Sea Turtles Volunteering with Go Eco in Greece

Experience Mediterranean life while volunteering in Greece to protect the vulnerable loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings along the beaches.
Join one of the longest-running conservation projects and experience the stunning, Mediterranean mainland of Greece. Work hands-on for sea turtle conservation and the ethical wildlife volunteer tasks. Other than sea turtle conservation; beach monitoring and community education would also be a part of your volunteering work.
From early morning beach walks to identify any overnight nesting to marking and moving new nests, building a protective barrier around the nests and a runway for turtles to follow to the water so they don't get lost when they hatch, would be your volunteer work in Greece.

3. Turtle Conservation Project in Mexico with RCDP International Volunteer

Sea Turtles Volunteering in Mexico with RCDP International Volunteer

Over the last 10-20 years, the sea turtle population has been in peril. Nevertheless, through this project, there have been positive results in rehabilitating the sea turtle population and their environment in Mexico.
Being a volunteer, you will be helping the several species of sea turtles on the beaches of the Colima region home. You will be working on preserving their habitat, educating the local communities, and working directly with local professionals. It is a great opportunity to see the rewards of nature conservation.
Volunteers will work on a 10 kilometer stretch of the beach where you will survey the area for suitable habitat, capture and release the animals, radio tag them, follow their movements and study their habits. You will survey both during the day as well as the night. Daytime work at the camp includes cleaning out nests that have already hatched, saving any hatchlings that may be trapped at the bottom and preventing contamination of the area. When you volunteer with the sea turtle project, you will be actively helping these turtles and protecting the future of their environment.

4. Turtle Conservation Volunteer Project in Costa Rica with Go Discover Abroad

Sea Turtles Volunteering in Costa Rica with Go Discover Abroad

It’s time to make a positive difference to people's lives in disadvantaged areas of Costa Rica. A perfect program for animal lovers, you'll get to spend your time looking after the endangered sea turtle species (including the Leatherback, Pacific Olive Ridley, and Green Sea turtles) at the beaches, saving their nests from the poachers as well as keeping their natural habitat clean. Conservation efforts can literally do little to combat the natural predators, but this project focuses on protecting the nesting population. The rate of decline is so high that if not slowed the Sea Turtle will be extinct in two decades. Not only will you gain valuable experience, but you'll also get to adopt the traits of a responsible traveler. Spend your time learning the Spanish language and explore the richness of the Costa Rican culture. It'll be truly amazing to experience "Pura Vida" - meaning "pure life" in Spanish, that's like the mantra for the natives!

  • Explore the vast stretches of golden sandy beaches and the picturesque sunsets.
  • Volunteer for the sea turtles along Costa Rica’s coastline and gain international work experience.
  • Opt for the adventure trips to Arenal Volcano and explore several other eco-reserves.
  • Immerse yourself in the Costa Rican culture and live life to the fullest, like a true 'Tico'!

5. Guatemala Sea Turtle Conservation with Frontier Gap

Sea Turtles Volunteering in Guatemala with Frontier Gap

Guatemala is the most diverse country that captivates travelers – with its spectacular active volcanoes, diverse & dusky forests and complex history as well as cultural heritage; it is the ideal gap year destination. It is a place in the mystique of the indigenous people that have existed here for millions of years, and its flora and fauna are as wild and untamed as its complicated history. It is known to be a place of astounding biodiversity, its forests and beaches contain some of the most intriguing wildlife found on earth. Its animal inhabitants include the charming sea turtles that glide through the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean and nest on the beaches as they have done since the dawn of time. However, their population their numbers are tragically falling due to threats inflicted by humans, particularly as a result of increased demand on the illegal black market. Join this incredible program and contribute to protecting these charismatic creatures.

6. Turtle Conservation and Lemon Shark in Seychelles with GVI

Sea Turtles Volunteering in Seychelles with GVI

The project is based on a true tropical paradise, Curieuse Island. The entire island is a national park which is managed by our local partner, Seychelles National Parks Authority. Live on the beachfront on the white sand beaches of Anse St Jose in small huts, inviting the natural environment into every aspect of your daily experience. Across the bay is Seychelles’ second largest island, which is a quick boat ride away.

Spend your time learning about and contributing to critical conservation efforts being conducted on the island. Join an international team of passionate volunteers and qualified experts who are all dedicated to making a difference towards the survival of both the critically endangered hawksbill turtles and the sicklefin lemon sharks.

  • Living on a stunningly beautiful remote national park on islands that most only dream of visiting
  • Working alongside knowledgeable and dedicated national partners provides invaluable insight into the life and work of conservationists
  • Joining in on the work being done helps individual volunteers gain both hard and soft skills essential to research development and data collection.
  • Exploring the diversity of the island and discovering the diverse birds that inhabit the area, taking in the beauty of the mangroves around the island, and snorkeling among the crystal clear water taking in the unique and fragile underwater ecosystems.

7. Volunteer With A Turtle Conservation Project In Bali with IFRE Volunteers

Sea Turtles Volunteering in Bali with IFRE Volunteers

The turtle conservation project takes place to help, protect and sustain the local sea turtle population. Through this turtle conservation overseas volunteer project, you will be part of a team of volunteers lead by dedicated professionals. You will have to roll up your sleeves and get involved in all the activities needed to thrive the sea turtles. From assisting injured sea turtles to looking after their eggs and their newly hatched babies, you’ll have to take care all of it. Your turtle love will already make a difference, so act on it! 

As a Volunteer, you will mostly help to save the Turtles. Every day there will be a different task waiting for you; trust us, it will never be boring. Every role you perform will ensure that this volunteer program with turtle conservation in Bali carries on being a successful one. These are some of the tasks required, there will be much more waiting for you: 

  • Cleaning the turtle tanks
  • Participating in educational awareness classes
  • Looking after sick and injured turtles
  • Scouting the beach in search for turtle eggs and nurture newly hatched baby turtles
  • Collecting data and contacting other marine conservation organizations throughout the world
  • Feed the turtles and monitor their health
  • Spread awareness and share the importance of conservation in the local communities

Choose your favorite sea turtle conservation program and preferred location, before you head out to volunteer overseas. It’s time to help the local communities to conserve the sea turtles.
We hope that together, we’ll be able to make a change! For more inspiration, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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