8 Best Countries To Volunteer in Asia

Are you tired of just liking your friends’ Instagram pics and craving some real human contact and a chance to make a difference? Volunteering abroad can be a ticket to engage with another culturally different country in a meaningful way. Get ready to volunteer in Asia as it’s the most ideal way to travel and contribute meaningfully towards the underprivileged societies.

Here’s a list of the best countries where you can volunteer in Asia:

1. Volunteer in Bali with GoEco

Volunteer in Bali with GoEco 
White sand beaches, cascading rice paddies, lush scenery and a bounty of activities - what’s not to love about this amazing country, Bali! The peaceful beachside setting and knowledgeable locals, make it a volunteer program well-suited for young travelers, as well as wanderlust families who want to become a part of the local community. If you are looking for a destination to unwind & make a positive impact, then Bali is the place for you. The volunteer projects are plentiful here - 

Bali Sea Turtle Rescue

  • Work closely with sea turtles
  • Enjoy the turquoise beaches while living on the tropical island of Nusa Penida
  • Contribute to a vulnerable species with important volunteer tasks
  • Release rehabilitated turtles back into the sea

Education and Community Work in Bali

  • Experience the tropical paradise of Bali
  • Choice of placement - teaching, construction and health education
  • Engage in positive cultural exchange by living in a local village
  • Help the local community of Ubud reaches its full potential

Bali Island Road Trip

  • See the best of tropical Bali - from the turquoise beaches to the colorful, bustling outdoor market...raft through thrashing rivers and visit sacred sites and waterfalls
  • Give back to the local community with your choice of a volunteer program
  • Live in an authentic Balinese village
  • Enjoy a professional guide during your entire trip

2. Volunteer in Thailand with Volunteering Solutions

Volunteer in Thailand with Volunteering Solutions
Thailand attracts thousands of wanderlust travelers annually to its elephant sanctuaries, white sand beaches, and full moon parties. It may look like the ultimate tropical paradise,  but it does have a dark underbelly. The country is diverse, and so are the volunteer opportunities like Childcare, Teaching English, Elephant Care, Healthcare, Medical Internships, 2 Weeks Special Voluntours, Teaching Monks and more. Although tourism helps the country in lots of foreign exchange, still the country suffers from its negative effects.

Elephant Camp Project

  • Volunteer with Elephants, get to work in a quaint Elephant village 
  • Responsibilities include working with mahouts, collecting elephant feed from the forest, helping in making their vitamins, taking them for walks, morning and evening bathes and taking care of baby elephants 
  • Volunteers also get to make different organic products out of Elephant waste 
  • Great opportunity for all wildlife enthusiasts to work for the conservation of elephants at local elephant camps 

Summer Volunteer Program Thailand

  • Visit Thai temples and interact with little Thai kids and monks in the temples
  • Take care of toddlers in the Thai countryside and paint their daycare centers with different colors  
  • Travel around in trucks exploring little Thai villages and collecting bamboos for Elephants in and around Surin
  • Get drenched by the waterfalls and kayak in the local lake, end the night by playing games with the local community folks and fellow volunteers

Medical Internship

  • Pre-Medical/Medical students get to intern with different hospitals
  • Opportunity to intern in different departments such as Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology & Immunology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics amongst several others
  • Responsibilities include assisting with procedures like suturing wounds, giving vaccinations, shadowing doctors on critical surgeries and operations.
  • ”Hands-On Work” depends on experience, skill-set and knowledge base 

Teaching Monks Program

  • Volunteer work at monasteries and temple schools to teach young monks elementary subjects
  • The objective is to enhance the knowledge of monks and novices in both religious and secular subjects
  • Have an interactive exchange session with these monks, where you get to learn about the spiritual side of life
  • Also get an opportunity to walk around the markets, filled with local artisans and craftsmen and learn about their ancient techniques

3. Volunteer In Cambodia with Projects Abroad

Volunteer In Cambodia with Projects Abroad
Right in the heart and heat of Asia, you’ll find a country known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ with some of the friendliest communities you’ve ever come across! Be ready to be swept up by the Khmer charm while volunteering & traveling in Cambodia. You'll also get to try the Khmer cuisine, exploring the local markets or taking a tuk-tuk around the city center. With numerous project choices to settle on from it’s the right destination for everybody. You can support early childhood development and teach English in kindergartens, or work at under-resourced schools. Or, travel to rural areas where healthcare services are limited, and help us provide free basic medical care.

Childcare Volunteering for Groups

  • Team up with like-minded people and volunteer with children in Cambodia as a group.
  • You’ll work together to support local teachers and caregivers at a daycare center, and focus on early childhood development. You’ll also help improve the children’s learning environments. This is a great way to give back and travel with others at the same time.

Medical Internship

  • Shadow doctors in a hospital as they consult with and treat patients. You can rotate around a number of departments, learning directly from medical staff. We’ll teach you how to diagnose and treat different illnesses and diseases.
  • Our medical placements in Cambodia give you a deeper insight into a developing country’s healthcare system.

Volunteer Teaching

  • Volunteer as a teacher in Cambodia and work with disadvantaged children. You will be placed in a kindergarten or elementary school run by one of our partner NGOs. This is a great way to get practical teaching experience in a classroom setting.
  • You’ll focus on helping children improve their English and encourage them to learn. The children don’t pay to attend these schools. For many, this is their only opportunity for education while some children only attend classes for extra support in addition to going to a state school. 

4. Volunteer in China with United Planet

Volunteer in China with United Planet
China is one of the world’s leading economies, it is massive which means that new wealth and opportunities don’t always get shared around. It is a large country so once you’ve traversed the sights of The Great Wall of China, there is still plenty to see further. The cuisine is mouth watering and something we are definitely sure you’ll happily overindulge in! Do volunteer work in Asia by working with children with disabilities, play with orphan kids and teach in a school for poor children. 

Year-Round Teaching Quest

  • Great for volunteers that have a background in or who are studying education. Help teach English to local Chinese students at an elementary school or middle school in Changsha. Volunteers with past teaching experiences and those who express interest will have the opportunity to teach independently.
  • Volunteers can expect to work Monday – Friday for 35 – 40 hours a week. Local holidays may require volunteers to be flexible with their work days. No teaching experience is needed, but a positive attitude and flexibility are required.

Summer Teaching Quest

  • Volunteer for four weeks this summer as a part of the China Summer Group Teaching Quest. With your fellow volunteers, provide educational opportunities to rural students and strengthen environmental awareness among the community.
  • Build friendships and understanding among people from around the world. Foster youth leadership through practical experience in a challenging environment. Experience life in rural China first-hand and learn about current social, political, environmental, and economic issues.

5. Volunteer in India with Volunteering India

Volunteer in India with Volunteering India
India has captured the heart of many explorers. It is full of history, culture, architecture and the most liked delicious Indian Cuisine. You get to choose from a diverse range of meaningful and affordable volunteering opportunities including Teaching English, Childcare, Disabled Care Programs, Short Term Volunteering, Women Empowerment, Summer Volunteer Travel Program 2019, and Medical program. Your weekends in India will never be dull with trips to Rajasthan, trekking on the Himalayas, visits to monuments and shopping on the streets of the Indian capital, New Delhi.

Summer Volunteer Program India

  • Work for children - teach, play, fundraise for their essentials and leave a positive mark
  • Engage deeply and ethically with the local communities and learn to speak Hindi
  • Explore the UNESCO Heritage Sites - The Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Amber Fort, Golden Temple and more
  • Live in the Himalayas - Volunteer, Travel and Explore Palampur, a small Himalayan town
  • Experience the Triund Trek in Dharamshala and visit the Mini -Tibet of India, McLeodGanj

Childcare & Elephant Volunteer Experience

  • Volunteer for the Street Children in Delhi and make a difference in the lives of the little ones
  • Assist in the administration work of the local center, fundraise for their necessities, etc
  • Get to volunteer at an Elephant rescue center/hospital in the outskirts of Agra
  • Explore Delhi and get to witness the beauty of UNESCO Heritage monuments such as Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, Red Fort
  • City tour of Jaipur, thus completing the ‘The Golden Triangle’ of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur

Yoga and Volunteer Adventure in the Himalayas

  • Experience the goodness of Yoga & Volunteering in the Himalayas for a span of 2 weeks
  • Play with the kids, teach them, beautify the center, and assist the local staff as a part of your volunteer work
  • Indulge in yoga and meditation sessions, while living in the beautiful Himalayan village of Palampur
  • Meet the locals, spend time with them to know about their culture and lifestyle
  • Get a  tour of the tea gardens and Buddhist monasteries in and around Palampur

Dental Elective Internship Dharamsala - Palampur

  • A rewarding opportunity for budding dental professionals and interns
  • Work under a professional dentist and assist in day-to-day tasks
  • Conduct checkup camps, assist in treatment, shadow/observe and compare the dental care between your country in India 
  • Work in a Himalayan town - A safe, beautiful and quiet vicinity 
  • Interact with the locals to understand their lifestyle, culture, and traditions

6. Volunteer in Nepal with GVI

Volunteer in Nepal with GVI
“Nepal is said to be a poor country with rich people”. You can breathe in the crisp mountain air in Chitlang, or experience life on the fertile plains of Chitwan, barrel through the traffic-clogged streets of Kathmandu or encounter the hustle of the most popular tourist place in Nepal, Pokhara. You can get many volunteering opportunities like Childcare, Teaching English, Dental Elective, Medical Internships at the local hospital, Short-Term Programs.

Women’s Empowerment Short Term Internship

  • Making a difference by supporting local women develop skills and confidence, discovering the culture, traditions and spectacular landscapes of Nepal; immersing yourself in Nepalese culture through living with a host family and meeting interns from across the world.
  • By joining this internship you will join a dedicated team of international interns who assist in sustainable women’s empowerment initiatives.

Volunteer and Adventure Experience

  • Embark on an adventure trek to the famous Mount Everest base camp before discovering magical Nepal as you volunteer on community development projects and help us improve the lives of disadvantaged community members through community upliftment such as educational enhancement, healthcare education or teaching initiatives.
  • Their projects are focused on initiatives within the local communities, who have needs around education and improving educational facilities.

Short Term Community Development Internship

  • Experience the culture of Nepal as you work with local communities in the city. Nepal is renowned for its elaborate local culture, infectiously welcoming population, and ornate religious structures and traditions.
  • Volunteers will have a chance to explore Pokhara and its many temples, trekking and white water rafting whilst being placed at one of the various projects in and around beautiful Pokhara, gaining a personal insight into the Nepali people and culture during your stay.

7. Volunteer in Sri Lanka with PlanMyGapYear

Volunteer in Sri Lanka with PlanMyGapYear
Sri Lanka is the ultimate volunteering destination. With an abundance of wildlife, historical sites, beaches, national parks and a lot of tourism activities to keep you busy. The people are friendly, traveling around is easy, the food is delicious and it’s incredibly affordable making it an all-round destination especially for solo travelers. The volunteer programs here include Childcare, Teaching English, Women Empowerment, Sea Turtle Conservation, Monk Teaching, Elephant and Community Development.

Turtle Conservation

  • Help protect and rehabilitate at-risk sea turtles whilst also volunteering at community development projects. Turtles are under threat in Sri Lanka and volunteers are really needed to help out with conservation efforts.
  • Participants will join the incumbent volunteers at the project as well as the local staff at the project to get to grips with the daily tasks to what is expected of them. 

Elephant Conservation

  • Join us in the central province of Sri Lanka and play a key role in the education, research, and conservation of wild elephants in the area. 
  • Based in Wasgamuwa National Park, this is the only national park in the whole of the central province where you will encounter elephants in their natural habitats. 
  • Famous for its large number of elephant herds, volunteers will engage in a wide range of conservation techniques across the working week to see how these elephants live and mobilize in their natural setting, monitor their behaviors and movements and help provide solutions and education to the conflicts that exist between the elephant population and multiple villages all located within the Wasgamuwa area.

Renovation and Community Work

  • Volunteers carry out renovation work in a number of community facilities in and around Ambalangoda such as schools, government hospitals, orphanages, and Buddhist temples. 
  • These institutions struggle to find the funding and manpower to undertake important development work. With your help, we can further support the Ambalangoda community and you can do your bit to leave a lasting impression!

8. Volunteer in Vietnam with Frontier Gap

Volunteer in Vietnam with Frontier Gap
This south Asian country is a popular tourist destination for backpackers. It is an adventure-seeking volunteer destination. There is a wide range of volunteer abroad projects in Vietnam including Teaching English, Childcare, Special Needs Care, etc. From a visit to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels, a Mekong Delta boat ride, a weekend to the world-renowned beaches of Phu Quoc Island, this country has a lot to offer its volunteers!

Vietnam Food Bank Volunteer

  • Help improve food security for low socio-economic households and communities
  • Help to provide good quality and hygienic meals
  • Get to know the local people

Vietnam Pangolin Rescue

  • Help to tackle the illegal trade of endangered species in Asia
  • Gain hands-on experience working with exotic wildlife
  • Help to care for rescued animals including pangolins and small carnivores
  • Gain insight into conservation issues faced in Vietnam 

Vietnam University Teaching

  • A project that aims at empowering university students in Phan Thiet, Vietnam, by teaching English and thus increasing their employability opportunities.
  • Gain experience teaching local University students
  • Expand your knowledge of fun and effective teaching methods
  • Discover this beautiful corner of South East Asia

Which volunteering program would you like to be a part of? Let us know in the comments section. If you’ve previously volunteered abroad, then you can also share your experiences to inspire and motivate others for their journey.

Happy Volunteering!

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